Post-Lockdown Band Practice! 💖

1 minute read

This blog post is neither technical nor philosophical nor a rant or anything that ever gets one popular on the internet. Instead, I’m just genuinely happy and want to share that with you.

You see, here in Germany, we had a long phase of official restrictions to social contacts. And due to unfortunate events, some areas in Germany still do. I’m very lucky not to live in such an area, so the people I’m making music with and I decided to start meeting and making music again. For the first time in four months. And it was just plain awesome! Yeah it wasn’t perfect because the guitarist couldn’t make it and we didn’t have the chance to practice together et cetera. But it was so much fun to make our own versions of HammerFall, Rammstein, and Eric Clapton songs.

The whole lockdown thing really made me think about the things in life I appreciate, need, and desire. And consequently, the things I can or want to live without. But this is for another time. In the meantime: Stay safe, stay healthy, and go tell someone you love them – be it in a platonic, romantic, or any other way. 🤗