Role-Playing Games

Greetings, Humanoid Life Form! You’re probably reading this because you’ve been given this URL by someone you know.

Here, I’ll try to update the most important facts for our RPG group’s next session(s). In between regular sessions, we often have “one-shots”. That’s a short adventure that can be played in one sitting and that’s not connected to our regular campaigns. It’s a great opportunity for aspiring GMs to test out whether GMing is something fun for them, or for players to get to play a completely different character.

This page is intended for summarizing and looking up stuff. For questions like “when’s our next session again?”. Actual communication and definition of dates is done personally or via telegram, e-mail, coffee talks, etc.

Code of Conduct

Be nice. Be considerate. Be dependable.

Regular Campaign Sessions

No Campaign at the Moment

  • Next Session: January 0th, 1900
  • Location: Terra
  • Food: Carbon-Based
  • Party’s Current Location: Terra
  • Current In-Game Date: 0th Eleint
  • Last session in “one” sentence: Our famous adventurers have not awoken yet…

Current Campaigns

Campaign 1

  • Characters: Alice & Bob & Charlie & Dave & Erika
  • GM: Frank

One-Shot Wishlist

  • Battletech
  • Tabaxi-Party agains the deadly floofballs of death
  • Warhammer 40k

Finished Campaigns

D&D: The Lost Mine of Phandelver

  • Characters: Ara & Corri & Derondor & Jorgrim & Madislak & Sylnan
  • GM: Peter
  • Sessions: 15-ish
  • Duration: About 15 Months

Our heroes defeated the Black Spider, saved the Rockseeker brothers, and killed a young Green Dragon along the way. Woop-woop! Oh, and they nearly disabled the forge of spells for good. Well, it would have been out of use for a very long time, anyway. :P